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While celebrity divorce is often in the news and may seem trivial or frivolous compared to everyday separations, it can teach valuable lessons about the process. In the case of noted movie star Drew Barrymore and her husband of four years, a departure from the regular drama-laden celebrity divorce reminds Alberta residents that it is possible to settle a separation amicably. This is particularly true for couples with children, regardless of whether they are living in Calgary or California. 

Barrymore is no stranger to short-lived marriages, as she was previously wed to “Charlie’s Angels” co-star Tom Green for some five months and a bar owner in Los Angeles for only two months in the early 1990s. However, her relationship with actor Will Kopelman not only lasted four years, but it also resulted in the birth of their two daughters, now ages 1 and 3. In a joint statement given for the apparently uncontested divorce filing, Barrymore and Kopelman made it clear that their children are the top priority for the divorcing couple. 

Obviously, an actor with a resume like Barrymore’s is likely to have accrued more valuable assets than the average person, but in terms of divorce settlements, this is usually simply a matter of numbers. Child custody agreements often make arrangements for the division of assets as they pertain to the children, and they also determine which parent will have primary custody. This varies from state to state in the United States and from province to province here in Canada, but the fundamentals remain the same. 

In the wake of a celebrity divorce, it is easy to dismiss such seemingly short-lived relationships as frivolous. However, considering the emphasis the couple has put on the well-being of their children, something can be gleaned by Alberta residents. In seeking the support of divorce professionals, a couple can help to ensure that minor children are given top priority in the separation agreement. 

Source: etcanada.com, “Drew Barrymore Officially Files For Divorce From Will Kopelman“, July 16, 2016


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