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Have you considered mediation for your divorce? If you are like many people, you simply can’t imagine that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will agree on much of anything. However, you may be surprised at how beneficial mediation can be rather than litigation.

One lawyer says that he tells his clients to use mediation and other methods instead of lawsuits to get divorce, determine child custody and resolve other issues. Here’s why:

— No one really wins in divorce court. It’s just a matter of the judge listening to one spouse list reasons why the judge should rule this way and the other spouse saying the opposite. The judge tries to rule somewhere in the middle.

— A divorce proceeding can take a long time to complete and it can get costly. If mediation will save you time and money, why not give it a try?

— Children will usually suffer more if litigation is needed.

— Isn’t it better to simply move on with your life? It’s not likely that your spouse will ever really agree with you on why your marriage failed.

By going to court, you are asking a third party to make decisions about your children, your life and your assets. Judges don’t know your children; they only try to rule on what is in their best interests. Surely that is something the two of you want, too.

When a judge makes a ruling, someone will likely feel as though he or she lost. It’s better to make sure your children are what is most important and go from there.

Source: Huffington Post, “Thinking Of Divorcing? Read This First,” Robert S. Blair Jr., June 20, 2016


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