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Heiress Eleanor McCain, who inherited part of the McCain Foods empire, has been accused of smearing her estranged husband’s reputation in her divorce proceedings. Opponents say that she is unjustly accusing her husband of painting her as the “wicked stepmother” and saying that he is unjustly enriching himself via their $5 million marriage contract.

McCain filed her annulment of marriage last March, claiming that she was tricked into marrying the ex-chief executive officer of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Jeff Melanson. In her court filing, the woman said that she wanted her marriage to be annulled as if it had never existed. She also accused her husband of having an account on the Ashley Madison online dating website, and sexually harassing employees on the job at an Alberta arts and cultural center. She accused her husband of being an angry, vengeful person and he should not receive the $5 million settlement they agreed to in a premarital contract.

The wealthy couple has been separated since January. Their marriage lasted less than one year and was ended with an email, according to McCain. As with many marriages that involve individuals with high assets, the matter has turned contentious quickly. This is particularly unfortunate — especially considering the fact that children are involved.

It does not matter if Alberta couples are wealthy, have children or what their circumstances are. Any divorce can turn caustic in a heartbeat if tact, diplomacy and a peaceful attitude are not strived for at all times. This is where an experienced lawyer who has a mind for peaceful resolution can be enormously helpful. Indeed, taking a peaceful approach to separation is always preferred when possible. A swift and peaceful divorce process will always save couples money, time and heartache in the end.

Source: Toronto Sun, “‘Vengeful’ McCain heiress claims ‘media whore’ husband would ‘unjustly’ get $5M in divorce,” Victor Ferreira, May 13, 2016


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