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Have you heard about the parenting after separation seminar?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2016 | Family Law

The Alberta Court system offers a great resource to separated parents to help them navigate their new life of parenting after splitting up with their ex-spouses. The course is even available online, and parents can complete 6-hour seminar as an e-Course. For parents who live close to a judicial centre, though, they can access the course in person.

The Parenting After Separation program gives parents vital information about the divorce process and the effects of divorce and separation on children. The Parenting After Separation course educates parents on techniques they can use to communicate with each other and their children and it also offers important legal information that relates to children and parents.

In addition to teaching parents how to work together in order to effectively meet the health, social emotional and educational needs of their children, the program also instructs parents on the importance of using mediation and other dispute resolution strategies to resolve their divorces. Topics covered by the course include: relationship building, effect of separation on children and parents, communication strategies, mediation, legal issues, collaborative family law and parenting plans.

Separating or divorcing parents who live near a judicial centre and have issues concerning child support or parenting time may access this service. Otherwise, as mentioned before, the online system is available to everyone, regardless of location.

In addition to attending the Parenting After Separation seminar, Alberta parents may also want to work with a family law lawyer to finalize their divorces. A lawyer can help families navigate every step of their divorce proceedings in the most peaceful and cost-effective fashion possible.

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