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Ex-Solicitor General and current Calgary Acadia MLA Jonathan Dennis announced that he has finalized a contentious divorce. The divorce was finalized on April 1, and it closes a scandal-laden legal battle between himself and his now ex-wife, Breanna Palmer. During the divorce, Palmer claimed that the cabinet minister had physically abused her and that he also abused illegal drugs.

Last Sunday, Dennis published a special statement that included scans of two emails, which he said his ex-wife wrote in order to withdraw her allegations. His statement also said that the Court of Queens Bench finalized his divorce on April 1, 2016. Dennis further claimed that the conclusion of his divorce proceedings gave him the ability to publicly reveal specific documents in order to clear his name and reputation. He said that the documents he presented would end the “public ordeal” of his divorce.

Dennis claimed that he had received a statement from his ex-wife that retracted all the allegations she made against him. He said that — like himself — his ex-wife wants the ordeal to end, and he thanked her for her efforts in this regard. He said that the allegations made by his ex-wife were serious and caused him harm and he is glad that the truth has finally been brought to light. Dennis also said that his public statement would be his final comment regarding the matter of his divorce.

However, the politician’s ex-wife Palmer emailed a news agency after he released the statement. In the email, Palmer said that the email released by Dennis was not authentic, she does not know who wrote it, and she is not being represented by her ex-husband or his lawyers.

When an Alberta divorce involves a public official, the details of the proceedings can result in a lot of gossip and scandal. For this reason, whenever divorce or marital separation occurs that involves a well-known individual, it is important to do everything one can legally to ensure that the matter stays as confidential and private as possible.

Source:, “Public scandal-laden divorce finalized for a former Alberta cabinet minister,” April 10, 2016


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