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2 common divorce questions divorce lawyers are asked

When a Canada resident decides to go through the difficult process of divorce, he or she will usually have a lot of questions. Relatives and friends will be readily willing and available to answer each of those questions — based on their personal experience, what they have heard from friends and information they have gleaned from the many celebrity divorces they read about in the news. However, it is important to take this type of information with a grain of salt. Canada divorcees need to do their own research, and — preferably — verify the information they get with their divorce lawyers.

Spousal support: Helping Alberta residents leave a bad marriage

Some people view spousal support critically, as if it were something that no one should have to pay and no one should agree to receiving. However, it is vital that we put this matter into context in order to understand the essential role that spousal support plays in our communities.

Calgary family law: Grandparents' rights

Cases where Alberta grandparents are estranged from their grandchildren are not uncommon. Perhaps the estrangement happens because the grandparents' own child has limited access or custody of the children involved. In these situations, grandparents may be able to demand visitation rights. Still, due to the nature of Alberta's Family Law Act, the case must be strategically planned in order for them to be successful.