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Spousal support in Alberta

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Spousal Support

Alberta spouses who are in the midst of divorce proceedings may be wondering whether they could be entitled to receive spousal support, or if they will be required to pay spousal support. Of course, any spouse who needs to pay spousal support will want the payments to be as small as possible, while any receiving spouse will want them to be as big as possible. At Calgary Family Law Associates, we help people with their spousal support matters, no matter which side of the issue they happen to be on.

Spousal support is not an automatic obligation or entitlement, especially following a short-term marriage, and in marriages where the spouses were close to being equal financially. Furthermore, it is necessary to file the appropriate paperwork and prove of why alimony should be a requirement in a given case.

Courts do view spousal support or partner support as a vital way for lower-income spouses to be compensated for the financial sacrifices he or she made during the course of a marriage. For example, maybe a spouse forewent having a career in order to care for the children, and now doesn’t have the means to generate very much income after divorce proceedings. However, it is not a given that spousal support will always be awarded.

No matter what an Alberta couple’s situation is, the courts will always try to seek a fair solution to a spousal support disagreement. It should also be noted that spousal support is not permanent, so less-moneyed spouses will need to work hard to find a new source of income before the timeframe of their spousal support comes to an end.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, we provide Alberta residents with information about their spousal support matters. We can also represent them in seeking spousal support or defending against the need to pay spousal support.

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