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Interestingly enough, one of the best people to talk to about marriage and divorce is a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of marriage time and time again. Indeed, such a lawyer will have a lot of insight when it comes to getting though marital difficulties and/or preparing for divorce proceedings.

According to one attorney, being able to sustain a marriage does not require love, it requires tolerance — mainly an ability to tolerate a partner’s quirks. For this reason, Canada residents should avoid marrying partners whose quirks they cannot tolerate because it’s highly unlikely that those quirks will ever change. In fact, those quirks will probably only get worse as the individuals age.

Another recommendation is to support your spouse in feeling attractive, sexy and strong. The reason why many spouses are unfaithful is because another person shows them affection in a way that the spouse was unwilling to.

Finally, divorcing spouses should keep in mind that marriage is not often easier with a different person. Marriage is always difficult work. Individuals who cannot do the work it takes to stay married should never risk getting married in the first place. Considering that marriage is hard work, individuals considering divorce should decide whether they want to get married again and whether they think it’s realistically possible that their next marriage will be an easier.

Marriage is never certain and sometimes it is necessary for a couple to break apart. One thing that is certain, however, is that a peaceful divorce is possible for couples, when both sides are willing to work together peacefully. Fortunately, an experienced divorce lawyer can help support Alberta couples to navigate their break up in the most peaceful and stress free way possible.

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