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Outlining a divorce in Alberta

In Alberta, as in all of Canada, a divorce can occur when there has been a breakdown in the marriage. Either spouse can file this application with the appropriate court as long as you have been living separately for at least one year before filing the documents. You can also bring a divorce proceeding if you can prove that your spouse committed adultery or if he or she has mentally, verbally or physically abused you so much that there is no tolerance left and you cannot stand it any longer.

Divorce process can be confusing in Alberta

Getting a divorce can be wrenching. You thought you had married the person of your dreams and now that dream is a nightmare. At Calgary Family Law Associates, we can help. Since we have handled every type of divorce, we are able to offer assistance, be it a hotly contested divorce that takes years to complete or a simple uncontested divorce that takes only months. There can be so much stress involved in any divorce and we realize the emotional turmoil that can take a toll on all involved.

How is child support determined and what are the terms?

When getting a divorce, the one thing that tends to cause the most consternation is the fact that someone is going to have to pay child support. The best interests of the child should come first. One of the first steps to getting child support paid is that one of the spouses files an application with the court saying that one of you must pay support for the children of this marriage.

Divorce in Alberta has co-habitation rules

A breakdown in marriage is never good. It means that you want to get a divorce and split up a home you thought you would be in forever. One way of getting a divorce is to tell the court that there is a breakdown in the marriage that can't be fixed. Another way is to prove that your spouse committed adultery or that he or she was abusive to you in some way, either mentally or physically.