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Separation agreement may be the answer for you

Getting a divorce is never easy. There are so many decisions that need to be made. You may even need to be separated for a time. This is what a separation agreement is for. At Calgary Family Law Associates, we are familiar with this subject and can listen to your story carefully and give you your options in a no-fuss manner. Sometimes, divorces can take months and years to be completed. If children are involved, it can get even more complicated and drag out for a long time. Being legally separated means you are still married and have issues that need to be worked out.

We know that your emotions may be running high. You may be sad, angry or resentful and may want to just take things slow and easy before you divorce. Even simple divorces involved frustration and upheaval. We take your situation very seriously and our team of lawyers knows what to do on your behalf to ensure that the process is completed with the utmost efficiently and with cost in mind. We know how to take the fear out of this process and will help you when complications arise.

A separation agreement is a legal document and the court will decide, much like in a divorce, who gets what and even child custody arrangements. Questions come up, such as child support, alimony and property disbursement. We know how to guide you through the entire process and can work to ensure your rights are protected.

A legal separation can be an answer to your particular needs. You don’t actually get a divorce, but you do have all the same issues that a divorce will have. An experienced lawyer can give more information on legal separations.


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