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October 2015 Archives

What do you do when your marriage breaks down?

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, you need to research what the laws of Alberta say about this. Asking a lawyer to intervene and answer your questions doesn't mean that your marriage is doomed, it just means that, if something does happen and you two separate, there is a clearly established route you will be taking, without all the emotional upheaval that can happen in this type of situation.

The message we send to kids upon getting a divorce

Divorce is never easy and coming to the realization that the two of you have grown apart and have gone in different directions can be startling. It really doesn't matter if it is a day after the wedding or years down the road after you have had children. You thought this was just a faze, like the seven year itch, but after talking it over with friends or seeking counseling, you come to know deep down that this marriage is headed for an ending. You may have even tried to stick it out for the sake of the children, or you use the excuse that ending the marriage would also be good for the kids.