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Family law issues dealt with efficiently and carefully

Family law covers a wide variety of subjects. Everything from divorce, child custody, child support, property division and even alimony are all involved in family law issues. Our law firm, Calgary Family Law Associates, is well-versed in all aspects of the laws of Alberta and can assist you in the many subjects that come up when you are trying to get a divorce.

What is joint custody in Alberta?

In Alberta, child custody has many terms that refer to it, including dual residential placement, shared parenting and co-parenting, among others. Whatever you choose to call it, shared child custody is defined in the 1997 Federal Child Support Guidelines and the Divorce Act of Canada as an arrangement in which the kids get to spend at least 40 percent of the time living in each parent's home. This is an ideal situation for the parents and may be good for the children as well. If you have questions regarding this type of situation, you may want to consult a lawyer who has a good background in child custody arrangements.

Triggers for spousal support more than just needs of one spouse

When you read about divorce and spousal support or alimony, you may think that this payment will be for the rest of the receiving spouse's life or the life of the paying spouse. This isn't true. The Divorce Act of Canada says that it can be a lump sum payment or series of payments that enables the spouse receiving this money to get education, job training or time to get back into employment.

Getting a harmonious divorce is possible in Alberta

Getting a divorce is often stressful and full of emotional upheaval. Even the best and friendliest divorces can be so difficult. You thought you were marrying someone for a lifetime and then something happens and the person you married is not the person who is standing right in front of you. They have changed, and not for the better.