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August 2015 Archives

Finding the basic child support amount is imperative in a divorce

Getting a divorce often involves children. It can be so difficult to ensure that they are not included in the back-biting. You ask yourself, "What is the best for my kids?" The answer is elusive because it may be shadowed by your relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. That being said, the person who has full custody of the children often ends up residing in the family home and receives child support payments from the other parent.

Are men or women more likely to start a divorce?

New research that was conducted by Stanford-based sociologist Michael Rosenfeld shows that in heterosexual marriages women have a higher chance of initiating divorce. The survey looked at relationships of 2,262 heterosexuals over the course of five years, and what it found was that it was women who filed for divorce in 69 percent of breakups. In addition, the survey discovered that women tend to be less satisfied than men in their marriages.

Spousal support is not automatically given by the court

When a couple gets a divorce, there is a chance that one or the other of them will request support, such as spousal support. Overall, spousal support is a temporary measure that allows for the receiving spouse to get training, schooling or even to get a job so that he or she can become self-supporting. Of course, there is no automatic or magic word that can be said that will make this type of support happen. It takes an experienced law office, such as the Calgary Family Law Associates, careful documentation and good communication.

Mother gets full custody of abducted boy in child custody battle

Getting a divorcee when children are involved can be so difficult. That difficulty is spotlighted and magnified when your spouse is from another country. An 8-year-old boy was brought back to Canada and his mother granted sole custody after the boy's father took him to Lebanon illegally. The boy was considered abducted by the authorities and the boy's mother.

Do grandparents have a right to see their grandchildren?

When it comes to arguing about custody and visitation rights that involve a child, the arguments usually revolve around the child's parents. In some cases, however, these disputes may involve whether or not a grandparent is able to have visitation rights or access to their grandchild.

What is a contact order and how can I get one?

When you get a divorce and children are involved, often so are other people in their lives, people who may want contact with them after the divorce. These people, who may be grandparents, relatives, friends or simply non-guardians who want to have a relationship with your child, may have the legal right to petition for visitation privileges.