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Alberta residents who choose to go through the adoption process do so for a variety of different reasons. For some parents, adoption is how they are starting a family or adding a child to their existing one. For others, adoption is a way to create a legal relationship between a child and a stepparent who already have a strong emotional bond.

At our Calgary law firm, we help all kinds of families to navigate the legal requirements for adoption in a nonjudgmental environment. In addition to helping adoptive parents, we work with biological parents who are making the decision to surrender their parental rights to their child. If you are going through an adoption or considering one, our lawyers are prepared to answer all of your legal questions and help you through the process.

Depending on the type of adoption, the current and future rights of biological parents, adoptive parents and adopted children will be affected in different ways. Our lawyers have extensive experience with these matters and can help you to understand the differences between public and private adoptions and open and closed adoptions. We also work with clients who are involved in extended-family adoptions, stepparent adoptions and same-sex partner adoptions.

Before a child can be adopted, there are several legal requirements that must be completed. At our law firm, we can help you to prepare all of the necessary paperwork for your adoption and help you with interviews and home studies. If there are any complications in the adoption process, we will work to swiftly resolve them. For more information on the assistance we can provide, you are invited to review our page on adoption.


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