Mediation Services

It’s your future that is being decided upon after filing for separation or divorce, and it’s essential you have your voice heard during this process. Getting the other party to listen can be difficult — especially if the matter reaches trial. At that point, the conversation is mainly between the lawyers.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, we have lawyers on hand who are registered mediators. We offer couples throughout Alberta, mediation services as a faster, more cost-effective and more tailored solution to their domestic disputes.

The Benefits of Mediation

When you meet with a mediator, it puts you and your partner in a unique position to have a conversation and understand each other’s point of view on topics such as property division or child custody. Mediation allows you and your partner to:

  • Speak openly to each other
  • Explain why you feel the way you do, and why you want certain things to be a certain way
  • Hear the other person explain his or her position on certain topics
  • Shape your own solution to your issues

Working With Calgary Family Law Associates

As family lawyers and mediators, we can usually identify what solutions will likely work and what solutions are likely to be rejected for your specific situation. This means we can help you focus on strategies that will satisfy you both, and help you understand why certain options may work out better than what you had in mind. We can also bring in other professionals, such as valuation experts, to assist with more complicated matters, such as dividing business assets.

In addition to our role as neutral mediators, we also offer legal assistance and advice for couples working with other mediators. We can help you support your argument, and help guide you towards a stronger position for your mediation discussions.

Learn More About Mediation

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