Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law Services

Collaborative law is similar to mediation. The parties are involved in the discussion, allowing a more open dialogue on settlement issues.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, we want to help alleviate the stress of dividing a life so you can focus on moving forward. That’s why we offer a more client-focused, cost-effective, and streamlined process of dispute resolution to clients throughout Calgary, Alberta.

Benefits Of Collaborative Law

Using collaborative law, both parties agree to settle their issues using this technique — meaning they cannot opt out of this process and go to court. This is different than mediation, where you can still head to trial if negotiations don’t work out.

This helps keep the process moving and keeps the parties talking while controlling costs and the speed of reaching a resolution.

Combining The Experience Of Lawyers And Mediators

As both lawyers and designated mediators, we have seen almost every type of domestic conflict. We can easily identify strategies that will not work, and focus on ones that stand a stronger chance of success for your situation. If necessary, we have a wide pool of professionals we can pull into the conversation — medical, mental health and valuation experts — to help settle more complicated matters.

We also advise clients seeking collaborative law services from another institution, and how to best position their arguments and needs when heading into negotiations.

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