Legal Advice For Arbitration Proceedings

At Calgary Family Law Associates, our lawyers understand you don’t want to endure a long, drawn out trial after a divorce or separation. You want to see solutions for your disputes.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, our lawyers offer legal advice and support for clients seeking arbitration to help them pursue a fair and reasonable solution. Arbitration services are similar to a court process. The main differences are:

  • Lower expenses
  • A more streamlined process
  • A facilitated conversation involving the parties themselves

Benefits Of Using Arbitration

If you and your partner have sensitive information to share, such as business strategies that you prefer were not made public, arbitration is a private dispute resolution alternative. The information shared cannot be disclosed in any court proceedings afterwards.

Arbitration also means you and your partner have agreed to this resolution method – and not go to court. The decision is made by a neutral third party arbitrator, instead of a judge, and is final.

Legal Advice Suited To Your Needs

Our lawyers do not act as neutral third party arbitrators. We offer legal advice and support for you as you go through the arbitration process.

We leverage our experiences as mediators and lawyers to offer you:

  • A stronger foundation to base your arguments
  • Other perspectives you may not have considered that could help you achieve an outcome that satisfies your needs

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