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Joint child custody and support can help children, research says

Raising children can be difficult for any family, but challenges can increase when parents are not together. Many Alberta divorcees have conflicts over child custody and support. Research shows that shared parenting where both parents play a significant role can be positive for child development, even if the relationship between the parents is strained.

Grandparents with child custody on the rise according to census

Extended families have always been an important part of a child's life, but this may be true now more than ever. While conversations about child custody often centre on a mother and father's rights to children, grandparents are increasingly becoming primary caregivers for the next generation of kids in their families. The trend can be seen in communities across Alberta and the rest of Canada.

How to deal with feelings of unfairness in divorce

One of the most common issues people struggle with when a marriage ends is the feeling of unfairness. This is particularly the case if one spouse moves on faster than the other, or one spouse feels that his or her life has been unfairly altered financially or emotionally. Feelings of injustice can be a large obstacle to moving on after a divorce for many people across Alberta.

Malicious intent during child custody hearing may not pay off

Many parents will say they'll do "anything" to protect their kids. There's nothing wrong with going above and beyond to safeguard the welfare of one's child, so long as it truly is the child's best interests being protected. One mother, in Alberta's western neighbour, evidently crossed the line in her attempt to win a child custody battle, and the results were not what she had expected.

Factors that affect child custody rulings

When going through a divorce, it is important to be well prepared at all times. Especially in a litigated divorce, it is not always possible to see what may be coming next, which makes it imperative to be as ready as is practical. When it comes to child custody decisions, however, it may be difficult to be ready if one does not know what factors a judge will or will not consider. The following are some useful tips about how custody decisions are made in Alberta.

International child custody case dismissed despite abuse claims

When estranged parents each think they know what's best for their child but cannot agree, the situation can deteriorate quickly. An international child custody dispute recently came to a head in a courtroom east of Alberta. This especially emotional case involves an alleged abduction, claims of sexual abuse and bizarre tales from a young child.

Celebrity ex-spouses battle over child custody arrangement

It is a sad reality that divorce sometimes brings out the worst in two people. Though it may be hoped that mutually agreeable arrangements can be made through a collaborative process, there are some cases in which that cannot be accomplished. A clear example comes from one child custody story; even though the parties are well-known celebrities, the events are not without parallel here in Alberta.

Pre-plan child custody arrangements and avoid holiday heartaches

In the hearts and minds of many Alberta families, the winter holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year. Celebrations and vacations make December and January months many people look forward to. For families divided by divorce, however, they can be stressful times fraught with fighting and angst over child custody disagreements.

Child custody and the Family Law Act in Alberta

A divorce necessitates a lot of difficult decisions. The hardest among them will probably be those concerning child custody. While the federal Divorce Act contains the regulations for ending a marriage, the Family Law Act set the guidelines for child custody in Alberta. Here are some important things to know for anyone about to make some key decisions in his or her life, and the lives of any children affected.

Grandparents seeking increased rights in child custody cases

The definition of "family" has changed over the years, especially during recent times. What hasn't changed, however, are the significant contributions many grandparents make in the lives of their grandchildren. Despite that, grandparents are frequently left on the outside looking in when child custody arrangements are made in Alberta and in other provinces across Canada. One group and a sympathetic politician are seeking to change that.